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Sticker production

Stickers, which are quite common in everyday life, not only serve as a medium for information, but also as a great advertising space. Labels are produced using offset, digital, large-format and screen printing. We also offer die-cutting of stickers in various shapes. We can also provide this service using your printing sheets. The optimum label production method is tailored to the purpose, application, run and size of the labels.

Label printing

Sticker printing is carried out using only high-quality technologies and materials – satisfied customers who always come back are our symbol of quality. We offer stickers in various shapes and sizes in a variety of materials – matt, gloss, laminated or waterproof. We offer sheet-fed label printing.

Sticker design

The design of the stickers is done with the help of our professional designers. We also produce stickers to your individual design – you can submit your idea or a ready-made print and we’ll help you make it happen. To make your sticker stand out, you need to choose the right fonts, colours and layout.

Round stickers (EUR)

Count 3 cm in diameter
4 cm in diameter
5 cm in diameter
100 15 15 15
200 15 15 15
300 15 20 22
400 15 27 24
500 25 32 36
1000 37 44 47
2000 49 63 67.5
  • Price without VAT

Square stickers (EUR)

Number (pcs) 3 x 3 cm
4 x 4 cm 8 x 8 cm 10 x 9 cm 14 x 9 cm
100 15 15 18 18 34
200 15 15 34 34 51
300 15 22 37.5 37.5 50
400 15 27 51 51 67
500 25 32 63 63 84
1000 37 44 84 84 167
2000 49 63 167 167 334
  • Price without VAT

Additional services:

  • Design development – from 35 EUR + VAT
  • Layout – from 20 EUR + VAT
  • Layout correction (changes to existing layout, preparation for printing) – from 7 EUR + VAT
  • We offer delivery by courier or parcel post. More information here

The cost of producing stickers depends on the size, shape, material and production technique.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the production lead time for Stickers?

The production lead time is approximately 2-3 working days after receipt of payment and design approval.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value is 15 EUR + VAT.

What sticker sizes are available?

Sticker sizes can be customized to your preferences.

Is it possible to order stickers in different shapes?

Yes, you can order stickers in various shapes. We can cut the stickers into any shape required.

How and where can I receive my order?

You can collect your order from our office at Lāčplēša Street 70, Riga. Alternatively, we can send it via Omniva parcel machines, courier (e.g., Omniva, Itella, or any other), or by post.

What are the delivery costs?

Omniva parcel machine – 7.26 EUR. Courier delivery from 12.10 EUR (depending on the package size and weight).

What file format is required for printing?

A vector PDF format file is required for printing, in label size. More information can be found here: https://birki.lv/tehniskas-prasibas/. If needed, we can assist with the design layout. Layout design from 20 EUR + VAT.

How can I order stickers?

You can place an order by filling out the order form on our website, by writing to our email or WhatsApp, or by visiting our office at Lāčplēša Street 70, Riga.

Where can stickers be used?

Stickers are versatile in use – from product branding and packaging decoration to promotional materials and personal needs. Thanks to various materials and printing techniques, we can create stickers that meet your specific requirements.