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The “calling card” of any product is its label/brand. A beautifully designed, well-crafted and well-thought-out tag will not only provide information about the product, its quality and its use, but will also characterise the company and its owner. By providing accurate information on the label, the manufacturer lets the customer know about the composition and care of the fabric, which helps to increase the life of the product. Price tags, product labels, labels and tags are used for marking clothing, underwear and other textile products.

We use a wide range of materials to create beautiful and high quality jacquard, satin, nylon, cotton, woven labels, cardboard tags and paper price tags.

We use a variety of printing technologies: thermal printing, flexo printing, offset printing, digital printing, as well as embroidery and weaving.

Paper tags

Most of the time, this type of tag is made from high-end cardboard or paper, often using lamination.
Tekstila birku izgatavošanas un drukašanas paraugi pēc Jūsu vēlmēm

Textile tags

Textile ribbons – nylon, polyester or satin – are used to make textile tags or labels – laundry tags, clothing tags and other types of tags.
Lentīšu izgatavošanas un drukašanas paraugi pēc Jūsu vēlmēm

Making ribbons

Making ribbons is one of the most effective advertising tools you can use to promote your brand.

Brand tags

Brand tags – made of different materials, with the possibility of individual design, help to identify the product and the company.

Price tags

Price tags are an important product for any point of sale. We produce from quality paper and offer design and printing options.

Wooden tags

Wooden tags – a durable and stylish addition to beds, bags, knitwear and furniture. Printing on natural wood with laser engraving machines.

Cotton tags

Cotton tags – soft and unique, suitable for labelling children’s clothes. We produce tags and their design according to individual customer requirements.

Nylon tags

Production of nylon tags based on textile tape with high-quality printing and smooth surface. We develop and adapt the design to the client’s wishes.

Polyamide tags

Polyamide tags are tear-, dirt- and puncture-resistant. Ideal for product composition and care information.

Polyester tags

Polyester tags – an economical and durable product in a thin fabric with availability for individual design. Ideal for indicating the composition and care characteristics of clothing.

Satin tags

Satin tags – durable and soft clothing labels suitable for direct skin contact. Bright and saturated colours, individual design.


Stickers – a widely used advertising and information medium. We can produce stickers in a variety of shapes and sizes to your design.

Jacquard tags

Jacquard tags with a unique pattern and high image quality. Design according to customer requirements. Ideal for marking clothing and textiles.

Jacron tags

Jacquard tags – flexible and environmentally friendly tags made from specially cultivated wood fibres. The design is adapted to the customer’s requirements.