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Brand tags or “brand” tags

Brand tags contain information about the brand to which the product belongs and which the company uses to promote its products. They indicate the brand name, trademark or logo of the product and usually do not include any information beyond the brand name. “The Brenda tag aims to help customers identify a company’s product.

Brand tag printing

Brand tags can be printed in several colours. Usually made of different materials, brand tags have a shape and design that help them stand out from the crowd. If the tags are sewn inside the garment, they are most often made of satin or cotton to avoid irritating the skin. We also offer hot knife cutting of tags to avoid tearing the edges.

Brand tag design

To make your tag stand out, you need to choose the right fonts, colours and layout. Brand tags are designed by our professional designers or made to measure – you can submit your idea or a ready-made print and we’ll help you bring it to life.

Prices for “Brenda tags”/brand tag printing:

Number (pcs) Price for printing in 1 colour (EUR) Price for printing in 2 colours (EUR) Price for printing in 3 colours (EUR)
1000 From 90 From 105 From 120
  • Price may vary depending on size and number of colours printed.
  • The larger the print run, the lower the cost per copy.
  • The price does not include the layout and VAT.

Additional services:

  • Design development – from 35 EUR + VAT
  • Layout – from 20 EUR + VAT
  • Layout correction (changes to existing layout, preparation for printing) – from 7 EUR + VAT
  • We offer delivery by courier or parcel post. More information here