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Making a jacquard tag

Jacquard is a material with a porous, elastic structure, made from the natural fibres of specially cultivated wood without deforestation. They are made from an environmentally friendly, reusable and tear-resistant material. Ideal for a variety of finishing methods: printing, laminating, screen printing, according to customer requirements.

Jacquard tags design

To make your tag stand out, you need to choose the right fonts, colours and layout. The jacquard tags are designed with the help of our professional designers. We also produce tags to your individual design – you can submit your idea or a ready-made print and we’ll help you bring it to life.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for an order?

The production time is approximately 4 weeks after payment has been received and the design has been approved.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 3000 tags.

What tag sizes are available?

The minimum width is 10mm, and the maximum width is 50mm. Increments are 5mm. Length can be customized as needed.

In what colors are Jacron tags available?

Various colors are available. Please email us at info@tipografijas.lv or call us at +37127863280, and we will send you a color catalog.

How and where can I receive my order?

Orders can be collected at our office located at Lāčplēša Street 70, Riga. Alternatively, we can send it via Omniva parcel machines, courier services (e.g., Omniva, Itella, or others), or by mail.

What are the delivery costs?

Omniva parcel machine – 7.26 euros. Courier delivery starts from 12.10 euros (depending on the package size and weight)

What file format is required for printing?

A vector PDF format file is required for printing, in the size of the tag. More information here: https://birki.lv/tehniskas-prasibas/. If needed, we can assist with design development. Design development starts from 20 EUR + VAT.

How can I order Jacron tags?

Orders can be placed by filling out the order form on our website, writing to us via email or WhatsApp, or at our office at Lāčplēša Street 70, Riga.

Where can Jacron tags be used?

Jacron tags can be attached to various garments and products. There are no restrictions on their use.

Can Jacron tags be washed?

Jacron tags are made from durable material that guarantees long-lasting color fastness after many washes. They are ideally suited for garments that require frequent washing.